2018 Crawl Dates!

Hey Y’all!  It’s time for ANOTHER Yarn Along The Rockies Yarn Crawl!

Get your calendars out and call in your PTO – this year’s dates are:

AUGUST 18th – AUGUST 26th!!

We are already in the planning stages, and have lots of fun new ideas for this year. We hope you join us!


With Love,

Yarn Along The Rockies Shop Owners


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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

HOORAY!  You all did SO GOOD! Thank you so much for participating in this years crawl!!!

Without further ado, here is the list of winners!!

Grand Prize Winners:

Karen Hoagland – Colorado Springs
Carol Long – Louisville
Kelly Harris – Highlands Ranch

And now for the shop prize winners as they roll in:

Shop Prize Winners:

Bags by CAB: Anne!

Blazing Star Ranch: ANN!

Colorful Yarns: ERIN!!

Everything Alpaca: Kristy!

Ewe And Me:
Fabric Bliss: Victoria!

Fancy Tiger Crafts: Keri!!

Fingerplay Studio: Jennifer!

Gypsy Wools:
Knit Knook:
Mew Mew’s Yarn Shop: Carly!

Nikki’s Knots: Sue!

Piney Creek Yarn: Melissa!

Shuttles, Spindles, & Skeins: BARB!

Woolly Works: Cristi!

Wooden Spools: 

We want to thank ALL of you for participating in this years Yarn Along The Rockies Yarn Crawl!  We hope you had as FABULOUS a time as we had putting it together for you.  Happy MAKING!

– The Yarn Along The Rockies Shop Owners

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Today is the DAY!  We have created an INCREDIBLY FUN crawl for you guys, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as WE did planning it!

Please note that THE PATTERNS for 2017 are UP! Click here, or look for the PATTERNS menu option up top. Download and save all of them!

HAPPY CRAWLING, and thank you for supporting your Local Yarn Shops!  We love you!

-YATR Team

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Stitch Markers!!

Guess what!!! We got these great stitch markers for you guys because we love you SO much!


Want some??? Once you hit your 6th shop, you will be given your first purple mountain marker, and a beautiful pin to put it on!  THEN, hit your 12th, get another!  Hit the 18th, get a 3rd!  When you FINISH, you get the super special last one!! SO EXCITING!

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Tip Of The Day: Budget!

You should SEE some of the spreadsheets we’ve seen over the years!!  Obviously, we don’t expect you to spend a fortune in every shop you visit. But, many of you want to spend a LITTLE in each place, so write out a budget with a dollar amount you want to spend in each store so you don’t blow your wad on the first shop!


Better yet, write down all the supplies you NEED for your upcoming projects, and scratch them off as you get them so you don’t overspend.

Of course, there is always that one skein of Cashmere you didn’t expect to meet, so there are no guarantees here, people. 😉

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Tip Of The Day: Crawl With Friends!

Hooray for carpooling!  It’s such a great occasion when you can spend your day with your friends: yacking, laughing, lunching, and shopping!  Not only are you having THE BEST time with your besties, but you are saving money on gas, saving emissions from the planet, and making parking easier!  YEA-YUH!


Um, please don’t knit and drive. We know red lights are long, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. 😉

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Tip Of The Day: Address Labels!

So you have a very long name. And email address. And your handwriting is SO beautiful that you like to take your time and dot every “i” and cross every “t”!

We Love You!  But HURRY UP! 😉


We know that the lines to enter the Shop Prize Baskets can be long, and the shop owners can NEVER find enough pens.  So, our tip of the day is to create address labels with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER on them so you can stick them on the entry form at every shop, skip the line, and get to SHOPPING!

You can hit up an Office Depot and get a pack of Address Labels that you can either handwrite your info on (there are only 24 shops anyway!), or put in your printer.  You can even get a pack of labels easily from Vistaprint!

So get your labels ready, stick it on, and dash!

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Get To Know: Needleworks by Holly Berry!

Needleworks by Holly Berry is a wonderfully friendly shop happily ensconced in Historic Old Colorado City on the west-side of Colorado Springs. Owner Holly says that “We strive to carry excellent quality yarns, needles, and tools that answer to the needs of enthusiastic knitters of all levels. We are most proud of the hundreds and hundreds of students that have proudly become highly proficient knitters in our wonderful classes over seventeen years in Old Colorado City. We are acutely aware that this new skill will bring enormous rewards over the years!”


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